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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

I am returning to Edmonton this late July to continue my artistic work. I will be setting up a studio in Edmonton. I look forward to coming back to my hometown and connecting with friends and family!

Argyll Trees, 90cm x 90cm, Oil on Canvas, 2019

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  • James MacDonald

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

I am honoured by all my friends who sat for me while I sculpted their portrait. I began my portrait project when I flew to Scotland one year ago. Throughout the year, I reconnected with my childhood friends and sculpted their portraits with clay. Portraits of people in their youthful years are uncommon and I found sculpting these friends in their 'prime' inspiring. I sculpted from life, with my subject sitting next to my sculpting stand and I would quickly build a likeness modelling wet clay with my hands. Once I finished sculpting a portrait, I would hollow out the inside, and then 'fire' the portrait in a kiln which reaches 1000°C. I then made bases for each portrait out of wood, perfectly cut to the ideal proportions. I enjoy the bold, rustic aesthetic combination of fired terracotta and solid wood block.

Portraits of: Davis Pratt, Jamie Mackintosh, Rowena Claxton, Jamie Loughrey, Alex Lewis, Ben Cartwright, Morgan Serpell, Lewis Serpell, Kara Chivers, Tom Crawford, Gordon Mortimer.

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  • James MacDonald

"James MacDonald's new series of still life paintings are full of vigour. his bold brush strokes and daring patterns take inspiration from Matisse and the French iImpressionist movement.

Instead of using dark backgrounds and wooden tables he paints fabrics that exude playful energy." - Scotland Art Gallery

Photos taken at Scotland Art Gallery, June 28th 2019

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