• James MacDonald

Portrait Project Completed

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

I am honoured by all my friends who sat for me while I sculpted their portrait. I began my portrait project when I flew to Scotland one year ago. Throughout the year, I reconnected with my childhood friends and sculpted their portraits with clay. Portraits of people in their youthful years are uncommon and I found sculpting these friends in their 'prime' inspiring. I sculpted from life, with my subject sitting next to my sculpting stand and I would quickly build a likeness modelling wet clay with my hands. Once I finished sculpting a portrait, I would hollow out the inside, and then 'fire' the portrait in a kiln which reaches 1000°C. I then made bases for each portrait out of wood, perfectly cut to the ideal proportions. I enjoy the bold, rustic aesthetic combination of fired terracotta and solid wood block.

Portraits of: Davis Pratt, Jamie Mackintosh, Rowena Claxton, Jamie Loughrey, Alex Lewis, Ben Cartwright, Morgan Serpell, Lewis Serpell, Kara Chivers, Tom Crawford, Gordon Mortimer.

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